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Woman's Self Defense in Post Falls Idaho

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Woman's Self Defense in Post Falls Idaho

“Women should train BJJ.”

“It’s great self defense!”

“You would be pretty good at it.”

“It’s a good way to lose weight.”

“When are you going to start to train Jiu Jitsu? Coach Amanda has a pretty neat Women’s Only Jiu Jitsu class!”

All these phrases and more have been told to various ladies throughout their fitness journeys at gyms that have Jiu Jitsu, by well-meaning male figures in their lives, or by their friends who train. But really, why should women train? We’ve outlined our top five reasons why ladies should train Jiu Jitsu.

  1. It’s Great for Self Defense.

The entire premise of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu rests on the ability for the smaller practitioner to leverage technique to overcome the larger individual. The facts of nature are that women are generally smaller than men. Learning Jiu Jitsu provides confidence in difficult situations. Through learning the techniques, one can learn basic choke holds and positions that can incapacitate attackers. Furthermore, you learn how to calm down in uncomfortable situations and get out of them.

  1. It Gives Your Mind Something to Work Through

Jiu Jitsu has been likened to chess in the way its strategy works. However, a better example would be to liken it to a puzzle. When you learn your first technique, you have the first piece to a puzzle. Then as you learn more techniques, you get more pieces and are eventually able to piece them together. Jiu Jitsu gives you something to think about as you’re working through techniques or specific training. Many practitioners end up going home and thinking about what they did wrong or could have done better.

  1. You Can Get in Shape AND Get Stronger

Jiu Jitsu is a very heavy cardio based sport. However, there is a strength aspect to it as well. Training Jiu Jitsu has helped many women get in better shape, work their muscles, and change their lifestyle to be healthier. The constant up, down, side-to-side, and various muscle groups used provides a full body workout. PRO-TIP: To supplement your Jiu Jitsu and get even more of a workout, take our Alpha Fit classes!

  1. You Build a Community.

Jiu Jitsu is a sport that creates family. At Alpha Jiu Jitsu + Fitness, we have a strong community of women. They’ve been a part of our program for awhile, but when new people come in, they’re welcomed. This sport creates trust and bonds that aren’t easily broken. Even when people move away, those friendships still are in place. There’s a special type of bonding that occurs on the mats. You’re working with an incredibly diverse set of people from all different walks of life. Doctors, Chiropractors, Accountants, and Loggers all train Jiu Jitsu with us in Post Falls. 

  1. It’s Fun!

The techniques you learn in class are sure to make you want to keep coming back for more! When something clicks in your brain, like how to get out of guard or what to do in top mount, the release of endorphins is unreal! Not only that, but when you do something that you didn’t realize your body could do, the pride of that experience fuels your hunger to know and do more.

Don’t just take our word for it, though!

Cassidy Shackleford, one of our stellar students, says Jiu Jitsu has taken a holistic approach to her experience. “I think Jiu Jitsu teaches dedication, discipline, and challenges me mentally. I think having basic training is important for females for self defense but also because while training Jiu a Jitsu I have found such an appreciation for my body and what it is capable of!” 

Serena Montreuil agrees. “I believe Jiu Jitsu is for everyone, even women. It can be uncomfortable being in a pressure pass or stuck in side control, but it helps to learn how to think and not just react. When used for self-defense, the instructors show you you don’t have to panic. Slow the breathing and think, not just react. I believe it builds confidence. … It can help prevent women from being victims of targeted violence. Training helps condition the mind, body, and spirit. I can’t speak highly enough of this martial art.”

Are you ready to train? We have a plethora of Jiu Jitsu classes to choose from, including Coach Amanda’s Women’s Only BJJ class Tuesday/Thursdays at 6pm. 

We’ll see you on the mats!

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