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Alpha Progression System

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Alpha progression system:

The purpose of the Alpha progression Muay Thai system is to provide structure and clearly define expectations and goals for the Alpha member. There is NO Muay Thai ranking system recognized by the country of Thailand. The Alpha system is designed to recognize members for attendance, as well as increase in skill and knowledge in the art of 8 limbs and reward that student with a new shirt color and goals.


System format:


  • Min number of classes: 8
  • Time Frame: Approximately one month of training.
  • What to look for: basic understanding of stance, footwork, guard, basic strikes.


  • Min number of classes:16
  • Time Frame: Approximately two months of training.
  • What to look for: Basic understanding of putting together different combos. Able to work bag drills, basic understanding of how to engage in partner drills, basic knowledge of pad holding.


  • Min number of classes: 24
  • Time frame: Approximately three months.
  • What to look for: Understanding of putting together combos, displays proper footwork and marching, comfortable in partner drills as well as pad holding. 
  • Begins to learn and implement the clinch.


  • Min number of classes: 50
  • Time frame: Approximately five months.
  • What to look for: Comfortable and technical hitting pads as well as holding pads, proficient and under control in partner drills and bag drills.
  • Elevated speed and power in clinch
  • Begins sparring


  • Min number of classes: 90
  • Time Frame: Approximately eight months.
  • What to look for: Strong and technical hitting pads, strong and active pad holder, basic understand of how to fight in the ring (fight IQ). 
  • Comfortable fighting in the clinch
  • Proficient in sparring.
  • Understands Muay Thai culture and frequently used phrases in Thai.
  • Eligible for competition if interested.


  • Min number of classes: Kru discretion.
  • Time frame: Approximately 2 years as blue shirt.
  • Eligible for Poo Choi (PC) Kru (If seeking instructor path)


  • Min number of classes: Kru discretion.
  • Time Frame: Approximately 3 years as purple shirt.
  • Poo Choi (PC) Kru (If seeking instructor path)
  • Eligible for Kru (If on instructor path)
  • Must be mentoring at least one Jr Poo Choi Kru or Poo Choi Kru. Kru is the path of teaching/mentoring. 


  • Min number of classes: Senior Kru discretion.
  • Approximately 3 years as brown shirt
  • Kru (If on instructor path)


Requirements for recognition:

Only Kru or Poo Choi Kru may recognize a student with a new shirt color.

Consistency: How many Muay Thai and or Kickboxing classes has the member attended. Kickboxing is considered in the first two recognized shirt colors. Once the member has achieved orange shirt Kickboxing is minimally recognized for attendance and no longer recognized at green shirt and beyond. The reasoning behind this is the student has moved past learning strikes and movement and more into Muay Thai theory and concepts.

Merit: Muay Thai/Martial Arts ability. Muay Thai cultural awareness (Mind, Body, Spirit). Does the member demonstrate respect towards the academy, instructor, peers, themselves.

Rules and expectations:

Instructors: The instructor is the role model and choreographer for the class. Required to respect students and other staff and greet in a traditional Thai manor (Wai). Required to learn and call students by name. Required to wear appointed shirt color as well as any Thai shorts they choose. Highly encouraged to teach what they know and are comfortable and confident with, never try to impress the students. 


Students: Required to show and treat all staff and members with respect. Shall not place their hands on their hips or have their arms crossed during class, this is perceived as aggression and disrespect in Thai culture. Any student on a trial period is not required to wear a specific shirt and may wear what they want. Once the student has officially signed up for classes, they will be given their white Alpha shirt and thus required to wear it or any other shirt in their recognized color. Any practitioner in the Muay Thai community visiting Alpha for training is not required to wear a specific shirt color, this is a progression system for Alpha members only and does not represent any rank or title outside of Alpha, again there is no recognized Muay Thai ranking system by the country of Thailand.

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